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I help outdoor businesses create and publish entertaining podcasts that increase engagement and bring more exposure to their brand and products.

Delivering a targeted professionally produced podcast is a powerful way to expose followers to new products and deliver focused content. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by podcasting, or are just looking for a bit of direction with your overall strategy, I’d love to chat and help you create something appealing for your followers that also delivers a tangible business outcome.

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Scott Ohsman, Somethin about Nothin Podcast





Our podcast is now on season 2 with over 35 episodes and I wouldn’t have got episode one out if it were not for the incredible teaching I got from Rick. He helped me figure out all of the hidden little details, programs and how it all works. Sign up right now with Rick and save yourself a ton of money, time and huge frustration! This medium is still young, if you want to jump ahead to compete and drive listeners quicker than most, have Rick be your guide!